Tag: What Are You Reading

  • Ep 69 Best Book Recommendations of 2022

    Ep 69 Best Book Recommendations of 2022

    To wrap up every episode of James and Ashley Stay at Home, the podcast I co-host with author James McKenzie Watson, we ask our guests the same question – what are you reading? To close out 2022, we’ve collected the year’s best recommendations into one super book chat ep! It’s a lot of fun and…

  • Ep 58 When your body betrays you with author Rae Cairns

    After a broken finger brought on a debilitating illness, author Rae Cairns lost two years as her doctors searched for the right treatment. A bad reaction to drugs caused her hair to fall out. When her health had stabilised enough for her to return to writing, she lost her literary agent. Undeterred, Rae self-published her…

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